1. Conglatulation for your new Bananian Blues…

    Hi, Keiko… it’s Uk the Korean guy stayed at Hanita in 2001. I hope you remember me… : )

    Last sunday I have lunch with Bo-young and Soo-jung (2 girls of right side in hanita41 the picture). Then I recall my bananian life and miss you bananian friends all.

    I’ll use your blog for practicing Japanese and drop a line.

    Best regards and enjoy the summer sunshine.

  2. Shalom, Uk !!

    Thank you so much to send me comment.
    I really happy to hear about you guys. I’v never forgotten about you, we had really good time with Bo-young and Soo-jung. That was one of my best volunteer time.

    I wonder what are you doing now?
    We past enough time to change our simple life, right?

    Have a nice summer vacation and take care of yourself, Uk.


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